Message from Joel and Margaret Sussman – 15 Minute Cities

Good Evening All,

We have both been elated and humbled at the response to our delegation!

The reference to “our delegation” was intentional. Margaret & I have worked together as dedicated teammates in this journey called life for over half a century. We have become an even more tight knit team since donning our “Freedom Warrior” uniforms some years ago. Only the Aurora Town Council regulation limiting the delegation to five minutes prevented us sharing the microphone. Though you only saw Joel’s image and heard only his voice, please know that we both worked together long and diligently to make sure our presentation was accurate, truthful and the best it could be!

So many of you have reached out thru emails, texts and phone calls with messages of congratulations and encouragement – it’s been a whirlwind!

You may be pleased to know that initial and open face to face dialogue with several of the Aurora Town Councillors has already taken place, with favourable results!

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