Candidate to City Hall: This needs to stop immediately
NEWS – May 30, 2023

TORONTO – Thanks to the help of brave whistleblowers in the Toronto shelter system, mayoral candidate Anthony Furey today exposed the existence of crack pipe kits featuring a City of Toronto logo that are now being handed out – not just at drug sites but at shelters across the City.

Most Toronto residents will be shocked to learn that their tax dollars are going to crack pipes and crystal meth kits,” Furey said. “This is not just going on at drug injection sites, though: Shelters across the City are now being told they must distribute these drug kits, and basically become injection sites.”

This isn’t just a downtown issue either, Furey added. “This is coming to Etobicoke, Scarborough and North York. Shelters – including non-profit sector family shelters – are being forced by the City to provide drug paraphernalia or risk losing their funding.”

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