Back in January what has been call a “major German piece” on Assange was written by one of his former associates, Holger Stark who was with SPIEGEL magazine back in the 2000s and was involved in the publication of WikiLeaks. “The essence of a democracy is to allow criticism, even when it hurts. If the American prosecutors, assisted by the British judiciary, succeed in their plan to de facto bury Assange alive, this would, in addition to the personal tragedy, be a massive curtailment of press freedom.” Holger Stark writes.

We will soon see if they do succeed to “bury Assange alive” as at 10:30 this morning UK time the High Court will announce the verdict in the Julian Assange case where it will be decided if he will be able to appeal his extradition to America where they want to see him jailed for 175 years. Just as most human rights groups assert the charges against Julian are an attack on human rights and journalistic activities which are essential to our democracy. The charges should be dropped and he should be freed immediately,

“The worst-case outcome of today is that Julian will be put straight on a CIA Plane with a hood over his head, demarking the death of British Justice and Democracy.But I believe British Justice will prevent that. Then it will be up to us all to raise the noise to get him out of that hellish London Prison, before his health completely collapses and any semblance of U.S. and U.K. freedom dies along with him.“says Matt OBranain

We can only hope that the British justice system does not let us down.

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