At the Aspen Ideas Climate, Bezos Earth Fund vice chair Lauren Sánchez announced an initial $60 million commitment to establish Bezos Centres for Sustainable Protein as part of the Bezos Earth Fund’s $1 billion commitment to food transformation.

The food transformation Sánchez dreams of is “plant-based lab-grown meats.” For anyone who has any logic or common sense, no such food exists nor can it ever.

The Aspen Ideas Climate conference was held in Miami, Florida over the three days of 11-13 March 2024. It had five themes:

Big Bets on Tech: Charting the course for sustainable technologies of the future which included climate technology, biotechnology, lab-cultured “food,” artificial intelligence, geoengineering and new ideas for creating and storing energy.
Building things: Such as urban landscapes, infrastructure and “reimagined” economies that lead to a “sustainable and inclusive future.”
Financing the Future: A seismic shift in financial strategies, from billions to trillions globally, is required to address the “climate crisis,” so they claim.
Healthy Planet, Healthy Community.
Narratives of Change: “From the resonance of music to the subtleties of architecture, from stirring art to imaginative fiction, profound calls to action are often hidden in the unexpected. Experience the captivating stories that inspire change from some of the most unanticipated sources.” Which has undertones of using psychological techniques to bring about the desired change.

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