The decision in 1999 to withdraw the Rotashield rotavirus vaccine from the market due to its association with an increased risk of intussusception—a rare but serious bowel obstruction—set a precedent for vaccine safety and regulatory action in response to adverse events. (Source)

This move seemed to underscore the commitment of health authorities to vaccine safety, even if it meant pulling an allegedly beneficial vaccine off the market.

However, fast forward to the age of Covid-19, and we find Health authorities have been happy to grant emergency use authorisation (EUA) to vaccines that have not even completed phase three trials, and types of “vaccines”, mRNA, which is actually gene therapy, that have never before been authorised for human use.

Data proves that the deployment of Covid-19 vaccines has done nothing to decrease the chance of infection, wiht official Government data proving the vaccinate are by far more likely to be infected with Covid-19 than the unvaccined.

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