[Following the brief background on America’s “Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense” don’t miss the two minute Simpsons-style “trailer” for the 2024 movie “Biodefense” located on the Commission’s YouTube channel.]

Update: A belated thank you (again!) to fellow Australian Elizabeth Hart for her review of the express first draft of this post – and her reminder about “The Simpsons Pandemic”! Elizabeth – with her extensive knowledge of the coercive vaccine industry and associated massive conflicts of interest – identified the Covid-19 racket long before the lockdowns. From her editorial advice for this post:

‘A new disease – no-one’s immune’…The Simpsons leaked the plan in 2010, before Event 201! Probably influenced by the 2009 Swine Flu scam – mind-boggling this has been allowed to happen again! See: WHO and the pandemic flu ‘conspiracies’, The BMJ, June 2010

The Simpsons clip is so hilarious! And spot on! Even suggests lockdowns! And there’s the Center for Disease Disinformation…nailed it…

Please follow Elizabeth Hart’s work at Vaccination is political

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