My article on immediate onset autoimmune disease adverse events with immediate onset following vaccination is published online here: Ricke, GTM (2023)

This post focuses on 30+ autoimmune disease adverse events enriched following COVID-19 vaccinations. The VAERS data has the following limitations: (1) only a subset of actual adverse events are captured (estimated at 1 in 241 in the above article) and (2) reported adverse events include background frequency adverse events. If the adverse events are all background and the number of dose 2 shots is slightly less than the number of dose 1 shots for COVID-19 mRNAs, then the ratio of [dose 2/dose 1] should be less than 1.0 for autoimmune disease adverse events other than random fluxuations. So observing excess autoimmune disease adverse events following dose 2 shots greater than dose 1 shots is not likely to occur by chance very often.

Figure 3 (from article). COVID-19 vaccines dose 2 versus dose 1 autoimmune diseases adverse events ratios – autoimmune diseases label: postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

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