The major German political parties will never investigate the pandemic response, because they are all complicit in it. Across the entire political landscape of the Federal Republic, the Right-populist Alternative für Deutschland stands alone in its critical stance towards lockdowns and mass vaccination, and only in the state parliament of Brandenburg does it have sufficient seats to gather an investigatory committee on the transgressions of the Corona era. On Friday September 1st, the AfD-convened Brandenburg Corona Committee summoned Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) Chief Lothar Wieler (the German counterpart to Anthony Fauci) and Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Safety and Diagnostics at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI). They were questioned for six hours on the Covid vaccines.

Journalists who eagerly reported Wieler’s every utterance during the Covid pandemic almost totally ignored his committee testimony. Among the few exceptions is Larissa Fußer, who has provided extensive reporting at Apollo News. The picture she paints is incredible: neither the RKI, Germany’s public health authority, nor the PEI, our pharmaceuticals regulator, have taken even the most basic steps to evaluate the frequency or nature of vaccine injuries, or even the effectiveness of the vaccines in general. Technical problems, staff shortages and the sheer extent of the data have prevented them from fulfilling their most basic duties.

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