It’s now apparently acceptable to accuse the Royal Family of being ‘terrible white’ or ‘too white’. In fact, it’s not only acceptable, but saying this makes one a courageous, outspoken hero for the BBC and the progressive Left. So, I assume it would also be acceptable for me to suggest that our beloved NHS may be ‘insufficiently white’.

Let me explain. Our collapsing NHS seems obsessed with hiring DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equality) managers. The apparent purpose of these wonderful people is (to quote just one of many similar job ads) “ensuring our workforce reflects the communities and patients we serve in order that we can meet the needs of our diverse communities”.

So, let’s do a quick check on how well current NHS staffing “reflects the communities and patients we serve”.

Of the NHS’s 1.3 million employees, 74.3% are white compared to 80.7% of the working-age population and 87.1% of the total population; 12.5% are Asian compared to 10.1% of the working-age population and 6.9% of the total population; and 7.4% are Black compared to only 4.4% of the working-age population and 3.0% of the total population.

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