The batch of Pfizer clinical trial documents released in April 2023 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under court order contains a shocking, eight-page document titled, “Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review.” The data in the Cumulative Review span “…from the time of drug product development to 28-FEB-2021.” A Pfizer employee, Robert T. Maroko, approved the Review on April 20, 2021. (p. 8)

This document is among the most horrifying yet to emerge into public view. It reveals that both Pfizer and the FDA knew by early 2021 that Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine, BNT162b2, resulted in horrible damage to fetuses and babies. (Though I arrived at the conclusions in this article on my own from reviewing the document linked here, Sonia Elijah previously covered some of this same material on April 22nd on TrialSiteNews and on April 26th on Substack and Redacted.) Pfizer tabulated:

Adverse events in over 54% of cases of “maternal exposure” to vaccine (248 out of 458). “Maternal exposure” is defined on pp. 1-2 as: “PTs Maternal exposure timing unspecified, Maternal exposure during pregnancy, Maternal exposure before pregnancy, Exposure during pregnancy.” These definitions imply that Pfizer may have been looking at damage to women and babies that could result from intercourse, inhalation, and skin contact prior to pregnancy, as Pfizer defines “exposure” including all three in its protocol (Protocol Amendment 14,, pp. 213, 246, 398, 431, 575, 607, 751, 783, 918, 948, 1073, 1103, 1226, 1255, 1378, 1406, 1522, 1549, 1663, 1688, 1813, 1836, 1949, 1969, 2081, 2100, 2211, 2228, and 2337.)

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