Shooting in Brussels with casualties

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Press release Federal Prosecutor’s Office
Shortly before eight o’clock this morning, a witness informed Brussels police that he had seen the suspected perpetrator of the attack at a café in Schaerbeek.
Local police went to the scene. During the intervention, the suspect was shot.
When the emergency services arrived at the scene, they tried to resuscitate the suspect. He was transferred to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 9.38am.
A war weapon, an AR-15, and a bag of clothes were found in the cafe. Two handguns and a knife were also found in the immediate vicinity of his residence. The origin of these weapons is yet to be determined.
Numerous investigative actions continued today. Four house searches took place this morning. Two persons were also detained for questioning by the police because of their possible contacts with the suspected perpetrator of the attack.
The motives behind the attack are also to be investigated. Initially, a link to the Quran burning in Sweden was suggested because of an allusion to them in one of the videos published by the alleged perpetrator before the attack. This morning, possible links to the situation in Israel and Palestine can no longer be ruled out. They are currently being investigated following publications on social media (including Facebook). In these posts, the suspected perpetrator expresses his support for the Palestinian people.
At this stage of the investigation, it does not appear that the terrorist attack was organised by a broad terrorist structure. The lone wolf theory seems closer to reality.
The police intervention that resulted in the Brussels police officers using their service weapon is also the subject of a separate investigation by the Brussels prosecutor’s office. In accordance with the instructions of the College of public prosecutors, another investigating judge has been appointed in such circumstances. I would like to take this opportunity to underline the courage of the police officers who entered the establishment knowing that a heavily armed shooter could be inside.

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