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Pfizer financed consumer, medical and civil rights organizations that lobbied for COVID-19 jab mandates, thereby creating the false appearance of broad support.
Moderna controls the vaccine debate and influences vaccine policy by working with a third-party nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Public Good Projects (PGP), which monitors and censors online discussions about COVID-19 shots on Moderna’s behalf.
Moderna has also retained an online monitoring company called Talkwalker that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and flag vaccine-related conversations across 150 million websites across the globe.
Oftentimes the information flagged and/or censored as “misinformation” is factually accurate. It’s flagged/censored simply because it has the potential to create “vaccine hesitancy” or contradicts the “safe and effective” narrative.
As vaccine resistance grows, Moderna is ratcheting up its surveillance operation, with a focus on coercive or forced vaccination policies. Documents show Moderna is tracking elected officials who object to vaccine mandates, as well as new laws that restrict vaccine mandates.

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