By A Midwestern Doctor

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Something about vaccines (e.g., their promise of a simple injection being sufficient to safely and effectively end all diseases) has always deeply appealed to the minds of government officials.
Unfortunately, that promise is often a lie, so over and over, unsafe and ineffective vaccines enter the market. When this happens, the officials who are invested in them do everything they can to protect the vaccines from scrutiny and cover up each red flag that emerges (e.g., by silencing their own scientists).
In previous decades, the press was much less corrupt than it is now and occasionally would air real investigations into what happened. I collected many of them (which I hope you can watch) because of how closely they match what is happening now.
Since those TV programs made many who were suffering from the vaccine injuries realize they were not alone, this created a massive PR problem for those officials — which was eventually solved by preventing any future segments from airing. This article was written in the hope that collective amnesia could be broken.

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