Lincoln County, Oregon, community members are fighting a plan announced by a private landowner to aerially spray 473 acres of clear-cut forest over the Beaver Creek watershed with a pesticide mixture containing carcinogenic glyphosate (commonly found in Roundup).

The aerial spraying is slated to take place approximately one mile from a water intake at Seal Rock Water District, which supplies water to 5,500 residents. Beyond the risks to human health, residents are concerned about the impacts on wildlife in the creek valley.

Local advocates describe the area to include native wetland plants, birds and fish, including the federally protected Coho Salmon and Marbled Murrelet, beaver, river otter and roaming elk herds.

Beavercreek is also a protected state natural area, where families paddle and walk along the state park marshlands.

Neighbors of Beaver Creek and the surrounding community are organizing phone banking, public art displays and a petition urging Governor Tina Kotek to put a moratorium on the spray operation.

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