A former pharmacist and self-described misinformation specialist affiliated with the University of Sydney, Australia, summarized four studies suggesting that the promise of “safe and effective” COVID-19 immunizations was “exaggerated in clinical trials and observational studies.”

Raphael Lataster, Ph.D., outlined his arguments on Substack, basing his conclusions on four papers:

A March 2023 paper by lead author Peter Doshi, Ph.D., describing “case-counting window” bias and its possible effect on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness reporting.
Lataster’s July 2023 response to Doshi’s paper, concluding the same type of bias affected safety reporting.
A July 2023 response by Doshi explaining how case-counting window biases were used to game the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine clinical trials.
Lataster’s own January 2024 paper, which discussed rampant biases in the trials in light of more recent data on myocarditis, a now-recognized side effect of the shots.

Doshi: Three types of bias led to exaggerated claims

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