A woman in her 20s can access medical assistance in dying (MAiD) despite her father’s bid to block the request, a Calgary judge ruled.

A court-order publication ban prevents any identifiable information about the two from being revealed. Instead, the daughter is referred to as MV and the father as WV.

Two doctors have already approved MV to receive MAiD on Feb. 1, but her father appealed, saying she does not meet the criteria and believing she is vulnerable and not “competent to make the decision to take her own life,” according to court documents.

WV says his daughter is “generally healthy” and believes her physical symptoms are the result of “undiagnosed psychological conditions” under her current diagnosis of autism and ADHD. He alleges the conditions led her to “become obsessed with MAiD.”

As a result, a judge granted the father a temporary injunction on Jan. 31, a day before her planned date of death.

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