Two of the key words here are ‘control’ and ‘murder,’ which resonate with what has been happening incrementally around us since lockdowns were imposed in 2020. And the two are linked. The large-scale murder of unsuspecting (and arguably naïve) people who accepted the Covid jab is still unfolding around us, and it has been made possible by a new kind of technological control, which would probably even had astounded Martin Heidegger. More on that below.

Heidegger was a German philosopher – whose brief flirtation with the Nazis many people in the English-speaking world still cannot forgive – who wrote a famous essay called ‘The question concerning technology’ in the late 1940s, where he characterised modern (as opposed to ancient) technology as an increasingly hegemonic way of ‘framing’ the world and everything in it, including human beings. It is a thought-provoking essay which may be used as an interpretive lens for understanding many things, including cultural artifacts such as films, for example James Cameron’s first Avatar movie.

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