Fall is coming and the Covid propaganda machine, fueled by manufacturers of Covid vaccines, is already here. Without a single trial of the effectiveness against death, lipid nanoparticles that contain mRNA and perhaps more (remnant DNA?) will likely be added to regular flu vaccination every winter. Perhaps as soon as this winter they will no longer be called booster doses.

It is therefore an appropriate time to revisit the claims of high effectiveness of the first booster, which was added to the two-shot protocol two winters ago. Using empirical data from three sources, I will examine here what is left after accounting for the healthy vaccinee bias (to be explained) and show peculiar features of the data that indicate even deeper estimation problems. Then, I will discuss another bias, called differential misclassification, which cannot be easily removed.

Considering these two biases (there may be others), the true effectiveness of the first booster was somewhere between mediocre and zero, and it is impossible to narrow that range. Therefore, all those observational studies of the booster effectiveness were useless.

Taking a new Covid shot every winter, whether called booster or not, has no empirical basis. The burden of proving effectiveness against death squarely rests on public health officials, and anything short of a randomized trial is unacceptable.

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