Ajudge who previously provided legal counsel to Pfizer has blocked a legal challenge over Moderna’s and Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccines, stalling efforts to raise the alarm over alleged unregulated genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including high levels of DNA contamination, in the vials.

The dismissal of the lawsuit on the procedural matter of standing is the latest in a string of Covid vaccine-related cases thrown out by Australian courts on narrowly interpreted technicalities, raising questions about the integrity of the courts in arbitrating disputes involving powerful pharmaceutical interests.

Victorian pharmacist and General Practitioner (GP) Dr Julian Fidge filed for an injunction in July of last year to prevent Moderna and Pfizer from distributing their products in Australia because they allegedly contain unapproved genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is a serious criminal offence under the Gene Technology Act (2000) to “deal with” unapproved GMOs in Australia.

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