Three applesauce brands that are sold in pouches for children have been recalled due to high levels of lead contamination. The FDA issued a safety alert on them October 31, 2023, and updated it November 3 as a recall notice.

The brands involved are WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree, Schnucks cinnamon-flavored applesauce and Weiss cinnamon applesauce pouches. “Consumers should not eat, sell, or serve recalled WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis brand apple cinnamon pouches and should discard them,” the FDA said. “Contact your health care provider if you think you may have symptoms of lead toxicity after eating recalled fruit pouches.”

While most children have no immediate obvious signs, symptoms of lead toxicity include: headache; abdominal pain/colic; vomiting; and anemia.

“Longer term exposure could result in the following additional symptoms: irritability; lethargy; fatigue; muscle aches or muscle prickling/burning; constipation; difficulty concentrating/muscular weakness; tremor; weight loss.”

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