A reader sent an email asking for my views on claims that Pfizer is newly vulnerable to civil suits, in the wake of 1) a Michigan state court ruling about the applicability of the PREP Act in cases involving “contaminated” pharmaceutical products and 2) the growing pile of sequencing studies replicating Kevin McKernan’s identification of plasmids, SV-40 promoters and other “contaminants” in the DoD biochemical weapons formerly known as “Covid-19 vaccines.”

Brief recap of events since 2020:

The alleged manufacturers (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) did not disclose the ingredients now being found by independent researchers, to the alleged regulators (US-FDA, European Medicines Agency, Australian Therapeutic Goods Association, etc.) or to the public.

The alleged regulators did not demand disclosure of ingredients; did not independently evaluate the ingredient claims of the alleged manufacturers; and — even when they noted irregularities (see Latypova memo to Sen. Ron Johnson, Dec. 18, 2022, at p. 4/12, re: EMA Nov. 2020 “rolling review” of Pfizer’s Chemical and Manufacturing (CMC) Controls documentation) — did not enforce purity and non-adulteration regulations.

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