I was originally intending to write this week’s article about a topic unrelated to my quarantine lawsuit battle that I’ve got going against the Hochul Administration, Borrello et al v. Hochul. Since my last few articles (August into September) have focused on this case, and specifically about the epic courtroom showdown that was approaching, I figured once September 13th had passed, I could shift my focus back to other legal topics and Constitutional issues that I tend to cover. But much to my surprise, the aftermath of those arguments in court are still reverberating, almost two weeks later! I’m not exaggerating when I say that it truly never happens in real life that hundreds of people show up to hear oral arguments on a case, and then proceed to give one of the attorneys a standing ovation, inside the courtroom! Since that’s exactly what happened on September 13th, it seems to have caused a huge reverberation that was totally unexpected. Really, I had no idea oral arguments would trigger what has ensued! So, in this article I will update you on the details of the reverberation, and I’ll also answer some of the most common questions people have been asking me since oral arguments completed on the 13th.

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