Vitamin D, magnesium and properly dosed exercise are factors that can delay biological aging and enhance health span and longevity
Acting as a steroid hormone, vitamin D significantly influences gene expression related to health and aging. Achieving optimal levels (around 60 ng/mL) through sun exposure and/or supplementation is crucial for optimal health
Half of the U.S. population fails to meet magnesium intake recommendations, impairing crucial processes like DNA repair and increasing cancer and mortality risks. Supplemental forms like magnesium glycinate, malate, citrate, or L-threonate, alongside a diet rich in dark leafy greens, can mitigate this deficiency
Vigorous exercise that reaches 75% to 80% of maximum heart rate improves VO2 max, cardiorespiratory fitness, mitochondrial biogenesis, and reduces cancer risks through mechanical blood flow forces. However, moderation is key
A balanced regimen that includes up to 75 minutes of HIIT per week, coupled with unlimited moderate-intensity activities and 40 minutes of strength training will maximize your health benefits without backfiring

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