Activator X is a fat-soluble vitamin Dr. Weston A. Price discovered in butter (especially butter from cows eating rapidly growing green grass), fish eggs and the organs and fats of animals
Price found that a combination of cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil (which contains activator X) was an effective remedy for bone loss and tooth decay
Other situations that cry out for Dr. Price’s remedy include after accidents; after insect or animal bites; before and after surgery; during recovery from addiction; and before and after injections (in situations where a person feels coerced into getting a vaccine)
Dr. Price’s Remedy involves alternating drops of high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil under the tongue. Sally Fallon Morell recommends taking six to eight drops of each, with ap­plications spaced about an hour apart, using an eye dropper
After you have recovered with the remedy and a diet of nutrient-dense food, it’s still a good idea to take a combination of high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil on a regular basis. The best way is to put about one teaspoon cod liver oil and one-fourth to one-half teaspoon high-vitamin butter oil in a small glass with a small amount of hot water

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