As people have become aware of the dangers of the COVID shots, they’ve also started questioning conventional vaccines, and many parents who didn’t get their children vaccinated during the pandemic are not taking them in to catch up on their routine shots now
Vaccinations aren’t the only thing forced upon our children that is doing them more harm than good. The public education system also poses a massive threat to our children, as the indoctrination and brainwashing spans from kindergarten to high school and beyond
The current educational system completely ignores everything we know about child development and brain development, and by not allowing proper brain development to occur, the school system impairs children’s ability to think critically
Using medication to bring fever down often does more harm than good. A fever is your body’s way of killing off invading pathogens and clearing out inflammatory toxins, so by lowering your fever, you’re prolonging the problem
Avoid acetaminophen when sick. Acetaminophen depletes your body of glutathione, which you need for speedy healing

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