While Wikipedia has become the world’s most powerful thought leader — controlling a vast amount of internet information and being used to determine the credibility of experts across most fields — Wikipedia itself warns it is not a reliable source, as it can be edited by anyone at any time
Despite this blatant admission of unreliability, Wikipedia is the go-to site for Google quality raters to assess the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of an author or website
Despite Wikipedia’s claims of neutrality, what they’re putting on their site is some of the most biased information you’ll find anywhere in media today
Scientists found 9 of 10 of the costliest medical conditions covered on Wikipedia contain assertions that are contradicted by peer-reviewed medical literature
A specialized Wikipedia project called Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia recruits skeptics to edit pages and squash opposing views. In 2018, this project had at least 120 editors

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