Dr. Karen Becker, who’s been the consulting veterinary formulator and educator on my site for 14 years, shares her deep philosophical views on how pets enrich our lives — from teaching us how to grieve to offering unconditional love in ways that even humans typically cannot
She also offers a wealth of knowledge about how to keep your pet optimally healthy at any life stage
To enhance your pet’s healthspan, focus on proper nutrition and other key elements of well-being, including movement, fresh air, detoxification and stress management, including chemical stress, emotional stress and physical stress
There’s a spectrum of commercially available pet foods, and the closer you get to fresh and raw, the better; you can also improve your pet’s health one meal at a time by adding in fresh, human foods, including fruit and vegetable scraps
Dr. Becker is the coauthor of “The Forever Dog,” a book born out of her desire to know why and how some animals live so much longer than others

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