Oncologists are reporting an alarming rise in post-jab “turbo cancers,” a term coined to describe incredibly rapid-growing cancers in people who have received one or more COVID jabs
Turbo cancers are showing up in young people, many under the age of 30, with no family history of cancer. They’re also showing up in pregnant women and young children
Most turbo cancers are Stage 3 or 4 by the time they’re diagnosed, yet symptoms only arose days or weeks ago. They grow and spread so rapidly, many patients die before treatment can even begin. Most turbo cancers are also resistant to conventional treatment
There are several possible mechanisms of the COVID shots that can lead to cancer in susceptible individuals. The primary one is the modification of the mRNA used. Pseudouridine was inserted to stabilize the RNA. The resulting protein can easily get misfolded, and protein misfolding is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and heart failure
The pseudouridine insertion can also suppress your innate immune surveillance by dampening the activity of toll-like receptors, and reduced cancer surveillance is a downstream effect of that

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