Many symptoms of long COVID and injuries from COVID-19 shots may be due to microclots throughout the body
Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson speaks with Jordan Vaughn, founder and president of the Microvascular Research Foundation (MVRF), in Birmingham, Alabama, about the issue, revealing a triple anticoagulant therapy — aspirin, fibrinolytic enzymes and ivermectin may help
Vaughn and colleagues have treated more than 1,500 such patients, with close to 80% experiencing a significant reduction in symptoms
Typical diagnostic scans can’t detect microclots, and many people suffering are told by their doctors that symptoms are all in their head
MVRF is planning clinical trials in early 2024 to test the use of triple anticoagulant therapy, nutraceuticals and supplements to eliminate microclots due to long COVID and COVID-19 jabs

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