Regarding the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, the two are not even the same type of plant; yams are part of the Dioscoreae family, while sweet potatoes belong to a genus called Convolvulaceae
Nutritional attributes are similar; yams contain fiber, vitamin C, potassium and manganese, while sweet potatoes are good sources of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamins A and C, and manganese
The outer bark of wild yam is high in saponins and related compounds, which may help lessen inflammation, balance your gut flora and prevent carcinogenesis by acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent
How both veggies are prepared impacts their nutritional profile, as certain cooking oils and high temperatures raise the potential for acrylamide formation, which is recognized as a potential carcinogen
As a supplement, wild yam is considered safe, but some experts warn that large amounts may cause issues

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