As we are looking at another possible round of COVID abuse, it’s useful to go down the memory lane and see how they hijacked the minds in spring 2020
In 2020, the “carnival” element, in addition to bullying and fear, played a key role in how many minds were hijacked
Modern lifestyle can be mechanical and spiritually poor — and subconsciously, many people crave a thrill, an interruption of the everyday monotony, an adventure that would stir things up, a “magical” suspension of the rules
That desire of an adventure was very cruelly exploited by the power maniacs when in March 2020, they lured the trusting “educated folk” into the trap with a prospect of living through something unusual and thrilling — and then closed the door and started turning the torturous dial up
The wicked carnival will go on as long as many people participate in it. Now is definitely the time to opt out. We can accomplish a lot by making our immediate lives as meaningful as we can and by refusing to cooperate with the bullies in any way

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