It offers opportunities to a medical-industrial complex to gain access to public funding for research, while the real victims get lost
All pandemics of novel infectious diseases are accompanied by social pandemics of fear and action. Unless the social pandemics are artificially prolonged, they eventually subside as people come to a realistic appreciation of the actual risks of the infectious virus or bacterium. For many people, Covid-19 was never a greater threat than familiar respiratory infections like influenza. The policy issue today is how best to mitigate the risks for those who are particularly vulnerable, mainly through targeted vaccination programmes.
As with other infections, Covid-19 can have a long-term impact on some of those who become ill. One way in which interested parties can prolong the social pandemics is by promoting a condition called Long Covid. In the summer of 2021, for example, this risk was cited by the British Medical Association, Independent Sage and associated groups lobbying for delay in the planned exit from lockdown on 21 June. It continues to be invoked by some whenever there is a small increase in Covid infections.

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