Kurtosis and the Mystery ORF

The critics of our work have focused a lot of their negative attention on the average fragment size of the DNA in the vaccines.

Lets just remind the reader that now the EMA, the FDA and Health Canada have acknowledged that SV40 promoters are in fact in the vaccine. Despite some of them accusing us of lab contamination, they now can see the sequence in the data Pfizer gave them. They only decided to look 3 years later after a few billion doses. This is materially different than them actually picking up a pipette to confirm this. They simply opened a dusty file and realized.. holy shit, McKernan and Buckhaults are right, and in some cases like Health Canada, they admitted this was an underhanded move by Pfizer.

Handing someone a long list of ATCGs is a snow job. You need to annotate what the sequence means and in this case Pfizer chose to selectively annotate the plasmid, effectively deleting the presence of the SV40 components that would be by default annotated until 2 years later when some undergraduate pot head researcher decided to sequence it.

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