In this interview on James Grundvig’s new show called unrestricted warfare with fellow board member for National American Renaissance Movement Dr Joseph Sansone. We discuss updates on legal actions and I discuss my latest research on EMF protection. Dr. Sansone, who disagrees with me that smart devices and monitors can manipulate people’s mind, was dismissing my concerns – stating that he is a psychotherapist and he knows how to protect the subconscious mind. Having studied mind control methods and their history in depth, I disagree and wish to continue to alert people to exercise caution.

For my audience and your information and education, many clinicians have not researched the dangers of many technologies, including the manipulative capacity of computer monitors and cell phones. I will dive in deeper in future substacks, but here is the patent. Subliminal messages via electronic devices have been used to mind control people for over 30 years.

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