Solar Radiation management is a fancy cover up for weather warfare and geoengineering programs where humans and our biosphere are being poisoned with nanoparticles and nanotechnological polymers, endocrine disruptors, Graphene Oxide and many other toxic chemicals. They call it an intervention for a fake climate crisis however the poisoning of our atmosphere is inducing the climate crisis. If you read this report, they admit that they do not know what they are doing, so they want to research solar radiation management that has been deployed for 70 years. Seems a bit late for research if you ask me, now that the planet is dying from their poisoning. Geoengineering has been going on for many decades and our biosphere is polluted by aluminum, barium and other particulate matter to the degree that our earth is facing an extinction level event. Geoengineering operations CAUSE CLIMATE CHANGE – THEY DO NOT ALLEVIATE THEM. Yet in this document, you can see first that they want to research what they have been criminally implementing on our biosphere for decades, and they falsely claim that the justification to poison our biosphere is the climate change they are causing.

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