On October 3, 2023 the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition held a press conference at the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa in support of Bill C-314, the private members bill to prevent euthanasia (MAiD) for mental health issues alone in Canada.

The Hon. Ed Fast (Abbotsford) MP sponsored Bill C-314, the Mental Health Protection Act, which had its second hour of debate in parliament on Thursday October 5, 2023.

Gordon Friesen, President of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, explained why EPC supports Bill C-314 and told the media that Québec has rejected euthanasia for mental illness alone.

Anike Morrison, who lives with a severe mental health condition, told her story. In 2014 she lost her brother and in 2018 she fell into such a deep depression that she was hospitalized 5 times.

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