Most people are happy to have Covid behind them. They aren’t getting more jabs, but they would rather believe they did the right thing than worry they didn’t.

Imagine two ways of thinking about the last three years.


I did my part to stop a dangerous virus! I stayed home for almost a year to slow its spread. It stunk, but I made it work. I didn’t want anyone to get sick because of me.

When scientists invented a vaccine for the virus, I took it when it was my turn. It wasn’t perfect – I had some nasty side effects. Plus I had to have a mammogram rescheduled, and then I got the virus anyway, and then I got it again after I took a booster. Annoying. And a friend of a friend got shingles after his second shot. The doctors weren’t sure, but the timing was weird. Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to take more boosters.

But the same people who told me to take the shot say it kept me from getting really sick, and that’s good enough for me. We’re back to normal, and I did my part, and that’s what counts. Now if only we could do something about gas prices.

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