First, Rogan’s plug for RFK. This actually got some offline attention last week – both Fox News and the New York Post wrote about it – but I stupidly failed to mention it.

The clip is here.

Second, a point I have hammered recently on Twitter and here.

Public health experts keep arguing that people at low risk from Covid – even children – should take the mRNAs because they have an obligation to protect the vulnerable. This line seems to have gotten louder lately, probably because Omicron is so obviously a cold for healthy kids the group risk is the only argument left to jab them.

But this stance isn’t just idiotic. It’s unethical.

It’s idiotic because the jabs don’t stop transmission, so giving them to kids won’t protect adults. Worse, it’s unethical because physicians have an obligation to do what is best for each patient individually. They don’t treat “public health.” They treat the person in front of them. mRNA shots have no benefit for healthy children or young adults, so they shouldn’t be given to healthy children or young adults. I am astonished supposedly serious physicians would even consider arguing this point, but they do.

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