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I was writing a piece about whether the US should try to force TikTok out of Chinese hands about two hours ago (a question that’s surprisingly tricky) – and suddenly Substack went down. 502 Bad Gateway. 504 Gateway Timeout.

It wasn’t just Unreported Truths, the outage was sitewide.

I thought: is this just a technical problem, or did enough of us annoy some unfriendly actor that the entire platform has come under attack?

Then I thought: what if it doesn’t come back? What happens to Unreported Truths? And Eugyppius? And The Free Press? And Public? And all the other voices on here?

Obviously, I was indulging in a bit of panic. Even if Substack was under attack, its engineers would manage the problem and bring it back up – as they have. But, really, what I was glimpsing was how crucial Substack has become in the last few years, how it is now the most important site for long-form journalism anywhere.

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