The science can be confusing, but it’s vital. A reader did a great job explaining it in a few sentences. I’ve cut and pasted his comment below. (Plagiarism? I prefer to think of it as homage!)

I do my best to make the science around the mRNAs manageable, but as you know, I don’t always succeed, especially when the immunology gets complex. (Epidemiology is way easier to explain; it’s basically just statistical connections.)

But understanding the issue of the mRNAs and IgG4 is crucial. No one predicted the mRNAs would have this effect, and other Covid vaccines do not. It is probably the biggest long-term “tail risk” that vaccinated people now face.

Anyway, if you found yesterday’s piece tough sledding, this comment from Dr. Kevin McQuaid may help. (And yes, someone by that name is a pathologist AND an Unreported Truths subscriber.) He offers a great succinct summary of why IgG4 levels are rising and what that that rise may mean – though, again, as long as Omicron remains mild, the risks are mostly theoretical.

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