Just hours after Trudeau’s Censorship Bill C-11 was passed, a federally funded group praised the decision — and called for social media censorship.

Bill C-11 was tabled last year by the Canadian Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriquez — and passed on Thursday by a 52 – 16 margin.

Hours later, a group called The Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CDCE) issued a press release, literally praising the bill.

“CDCE Praises the passage of Bill C-11!” the press release read.

In 2019, the CDCE received $365,000 from the Rodriquez’s Canadian Heritage department to be spread out over five years. The group’s website says it’s “the voice of the cultural community.”

“The CDCE celebrates a great day, but notes that the real work has just begun,” the group statement said on Thursday.

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