When I address America and the world I am working to build relationships, enhance insight, and develop independent thought. The Reawaken America Tour hosted by Clay Clark and General Michael Flynn is a wonderful example of how Americans come together, freely exchange ideas in fellowship with one another, and come away with new perspectives.

In the beautiful setting of the Trump Doral Resort in Miami, I had the privilege of addressing a huge engaged audience who were ready to take the next steps in restoring our great nation. I crafted speech that called out a mental contagion that has set down upon the earth driven by insecurity, fear, resulting in greater tribalism and division. In the backdrop has been a >50 year meteoric rise in autism spectrum disorder from 1:10,000 in the 1970’s to 1:36 children born today. I outlined the major theories of why this is happening.

The autism pandemic is important since it is the etiologic determinant of the rise of transgenderism among children. The associations in the peer-reviewed literature are incontrovertible. The consequences of gender change including sterilization, increased psychiatric burdens, and skyrocketing death rates cannot be understated.

Listen to the entire presentation to understand how vaccine ideology, mental contagion, and distortion of the human condition are now the greatest threats to America and the world.

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