Recreational Drugs

100% Opposed “Safe Supply”

By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

In-house Privy Council research found British Columbians universally opposed a short-lived cabinet experiment with decriminalization of cocaine and opioids. All residents surveyed including recovered drug addicts called the entire “safe supply” policy a failure.

“All believed this was a step in the wrong direction,” said a report Continuous Qualitative Data Collection Of Canadians’ Views. “It was widely felt opioid use had increased in the province following the announcement of this exemption.”

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Feds blamed for increase in contraband tobacco Business leaders call on feds to do something about increase in contraband tobacco across Canada.

By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

At the Alberta Chamber of Commerce AGM in Red Deer, business leaders called on the federal Liberals to address the increasing sale of contraband tobacco across the country that’s frequently shipped through Canada Post.

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Overdose victim mothers appalled by Freeland’s mockery when asked about drug crisis

By Valerie / May 22, 2024 /

Some mothers whose sons died of drug overdoses demanded an apology from Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland after she mocked Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s appearance instead of answering a question about the overdose crisis.

During Question Period in the House of Commons, Poilievre criticized the Liberal government’s inflationary economic policies and their approach to the drug overdose crisis.
Sheri Erickson’s son died of a drug overdose when he was 22 years old in 2017.

Erickson told True North that Freeland’s mockery of Poilievre, after asking an important and serious question, was a mockery of the thousands of families who have suffered through addiction and drug overdoses.

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Liberals deny City of Toronto’s decriminalization exemption as British Columbia walks back pilot project

By Valerie / May 22, 2024 /

The federal Liberals claim to be approaching the ideology of harm reduction and theorized ‘safer’ supply in a ‘science-grounded’ way, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Last week the Justin Trudeau Liberals rejected the City of Toronto’s request to decriminalize illicit hard drugs, an exemption made possible under federal statute that was first piloted by the ultra-progressive province of British Columbia.

Health Canada granted B.C. a three-year pilot project exemption under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to decriminalize drug users, which came into effect on January 31, 2023.

Earlier this month (a little over a year after the pilot was launched), the B.C. government asked the feds to recriminalize hard drugs and amend their exemption, effectively walking back the failed initiative amid rising chaos, public disorder, and ever-increasing overdoses

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Cannot Beat Organized Crime

By Valerie / May 20, 2024 /

A third of marijuana users still buy from black market dealers who offer better product, price and service, says in-house Department of Public Safety research. Cannabis users said they were indifferent to dealing with organized crime.

“Very few participants see a connection between obtaining cannabis from illegal sources and organized crime,” said the report. Parliament’s 2018 legalization of marijuana convinced users that “illegal suppliers should not be too worried,” it said.

“Price was an important if not the most important driver for getting cannabis products from illegal sources,” said the report Public Opinion Research On Motivations Of Cannabis Users Who Obtain Cannabis From Sources Other Than Legal Sources. “This was especially the case for dry leaf and edibles. ‘Quality’ was also an important factor.”

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Liberals shut down motion to disclose pharma payments for Trudeau’s ‘safe supply’ drug program

By Shawna / May 17, 2024 /

Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs) resisted a motion to disclose payments made to pharmaceutical companies for “safe supply” opioids.

During a May 15 session in the House of Commons, Liberal MPs blocked a vote on a motion by Conservative MP Garnett Genuis to publish the contacts between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government and pharmaceutical companies for “safe supply” opioids.

“Allow the public to see the contracts,” Genuis told the Commons government operations committee, questioning, “What do you have to be afraid of?”

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Is Censorship a Desperate Last Stand for Power? Ft: Russell Brand

By Roli / May 17, 2024 /

In this episode, we delved into a thought-provoking discussion with Russell Brand, exploring topics far-ranging from Russell’s life and upbringing, his rise in independent media, the dynamics of Big Pharma, Ayahuasca to Russell’s Baptism and much more.


00:04:14 Russell Brand’s Transformation and Personal Journey

00:07:03 Overcoming Addiction and Fear of Consequences

00:11:28 The Temptation of Fame and Academic Conformity

00:15:14 Censorship, Centralized Authority, and Awakening

00:29:31 The Rise of Independent Media and the Need for Censorship

00:36:29 Finding a Spiritual Path and Using Talents in Service of God

00:41:08 Questioning Cultural Values and Challenging Authority

00:46:59 Religious Conversion: Relief and Surrender

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Liberal-NDP Decriminalization Experiment Of Hard Drugs Must End

By Shawna / May 14, 2024 /

Ottawa, ON – After nine years of Justin Trudeau, the dangerous Liberal-NDP experiment of decriminalizing hard drugs has failed. This was confirmed last week when NDP Premier David Eby asked Trudeau to walk back significant elements of his decriminalization program.

The Trudeau Liberals have flooded the streets with dangerous opioids and have ignored all evidence that doing so has ruined the lives of countless Canadians. Since Trudeau formed government, 42,000 Canadians have died from drug overdoses. In British Columbia alone, the province has seen a nearly 400 percent increase in drug overdose deaths, yet the Liberal-NDP government decided to decriminalize opioids, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine anyway. Since decriminalization, chaos and disorder have reigned free in public spaces across British Columbia.

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The Faulkner Show | The truth about “safe supply” – Interview with Dr. Sharon Koivu

By Valerie / May 14, 2024 /

London based addictions doctor Sharon Koivu speaks with Harrison Faulkner in London, Ontario about the real life harms and dangers of the federal government’s so-called “safe supply” approach to the drug crisis. This policy involves prescribing free heroin-alternative opioids known as hydromorphone. As Koivu explains, this free drug is being diverted on the street and sold in exchange for fentanyl as well as triggering infections in users who aren’t taking the drugs properly

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News UPDATED WATCH: Prison van ambushed, two guards slain in daring jailbreak that freed French narco boss

By Valerie / May 14, 2024 /

Two prison guards were massacred and three others wounded in a Hollywood-style prison break in France on Monday that led to the escape of The Fly, a notorious drug underworld figure.

Shocking video shows a vehicle blocking the way of a prison van on the way to court, with masked gunmen, all dressed in black, jumping out and unloading a fussilade of bullets at the vehicle.

At one point a gunman sets of an explosive in his car, presumably to set it on fire and destroy evidence.

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