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Pot Dealers Behind In Taxes

By Iron Will / May 29, 2023 /

ollapse of the legal pot trade has seen two thirds of marijuana dealers fall behind in tax payments, says a federal report. Dealers owe the Canada Revenue Agency millions.

“The total amount of unpaid cannabis excise duties has continuously been rising since legalization,” said a report by the Competition Bureau. “Sixty-six percent of licensees required to remit excise duties had an outstanding debt with the Canada Revenue Agency.”

Unpaid taxes last year totaled $52.4 million. The value of delinquent payments was projected to nearly double to $97.5 million this year, said the report Planting The Seeds For Competition.

Parliament on legalizing marijuana in 2018 taxed it at $1 per gram plus GST. “With the average price per gram for dried cannabis falling since legalization, excise duties now take up a more significant portion of cannabis producers’ revenues,” up to 30 percent or more, wrote the Competition Bureau

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Edmonton companies to introduce

By Iron Will / May 28, 2023 /

Diplomat Consulting and We Know Training have come together in partnership with CannSell to create a first-of-its-kind smart cannabis service program.

“We believe we will see municipal and provincial governments begin to ease zoning and licensing for public cannabis consumption within the next year across the country,” said Diplomat Consulting founding partner Nathan Mison in a press release.

“We know 27% of the world’s population want a cannabis tourism experience — why not invite them here to Canada to enjoy an infused food, beverage, and spa experience?”

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Regina’s Gang Unit says ‘Indian Mafia’ controls drug trade, ousting ‘Native Syndicate’

By Iron Will / May 27, 2023 /

In a recent attempted murder trial in Regina, testimony gave insight into the inner workings of street gangs in the city and the dominant role of the “Indian Mafia” gang in the Regina drug trade.

During the trial of Thomas Stevenson in Regina, a gang expert from the Regina Police Service (RPS) testified about “gang politics” that allegedly contributed to the shooting of a gang member, whose identity is protected by a publication ban.

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FEATURED ZINGER! Moe fires back at Singh’s accusations, defends Sask First Act

By Iron Will / May 26, 2023 /

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Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP, criticized the Saskatchewan First Act (SFA) and Premier Scott Moe’s Sask Party government during his visit to North Battleford on Wednesday.

Jagmeet Singh
“Here in Saskatchewan, I know that you’re up against a tough government that’s not recognizing and respecting indigenous rights,” said Singh at the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) All-Chiefs Assembly.

“The Saskatchewan First Act is legislation that ignores the rights of indigenous people. And I want you to know I think that’s wrong.”

Moe responded to Singh’s accusations against the Sask Party and the SFA in a tweet, including a dig that the Trudeau government owns Singh.

“The Saskatchewan First Act asserts our province’s constitutional autonomy over our own natural resources,” tweeted Moe.

“Saskatchewan is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trudeau government. Unlike Jagmeet Singh.”

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Calgary police searching for suspect in church fire By Jonathan Bradley 5 hrs ago 1

By Iron Will / May 26, 2023 /

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) are asking for the public’s assistance to identify a man believed to be responsible for setting a fire and assaulting two men at St. Mary’s Cathedral last week.

CPS were called to the scene May 19 around 2:30 a.m. for reports of a fire set at St. Mary’s Cathedral, according to a Thursday press release. After two staff members heard a commotion outside, the release said they opened the door to the back of the church when a man charged at them.

The two men were able to close the door and get to safety while the suspect continued to attempt to gain entry into the church. They called 911, and the fire was extinguished upon the Calgary Fire Department’s (CFD) arrival.

The suspect is described as about 35 to 45 years old, with a bald or shaved head, about six ft. tall, and 180lbs.

CPS’ Hate Crime Prevention Team is investigating to determine if hate motivation is a factor.

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Edmonton teacher charged with making child porn released on bail

By Iron Will / May 26, 2023 /

An Edmonton teacher was charged with child luring and child pornography — and is now being investigated for similar offences related to an ongoing investigation in Florida — by ALERT’s Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit.

On Saturday, Brennan Horman, 27, was arrested at his St. Albert home with the assistance of St. Albert RCMP and the RCMP Major Crimes Unit (MCU).

He was was charged with child luring, making, transmitting, and possessing child pornography, in relation to sex offences he allegedly committed against a female youth in Parkland County.

Authorities in Florida were investigating the disappearance of a female youth and had information that Gorman may have had knowledge of her disappearance.

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Seized Cocaine Shipment Had Some Interesting Markers

By Iron Will / May 26, 2023 /

Peruvian police recently intercepted an odd narcotics shipment in the northern part of the country: “Nazi” cocaine. I’m not kidding. Fifty-eight kilos of cocaine packaged with swastikas was seized in the port city of Paita. According to the Associated Press, the drugs were found on a ship bearing the Liberian flag. The transport was reportedly shipping containers of asparagus. Upon searching the vessel, police found the cocaine in the ship’s ventilation system. The final destination for the Nazi cocaine was Belgium (via Associated Press):

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Wanda Sykes Calls Transgender Bathroom Laws Banning Men from Women’s Restrooms ‘Stupid and Hateful’

By Iron Will / May 26, 2023 /

Comedian Wanda Sykes has blasted transgender bathroom laws that ban biological men from women’s restrooms, saying such laws are “stupid and hateful.”

In an interview with Variety, Wanda Sykes explained why she addresses the transgender bathroom debate in her new Netflix stand-up special I’m an Entertainer.

“I’m not trans, but they have my support, 100 percent,” Sykes said.

“I wanted to find something where I can shine some light on what they’re going through, to show how just stupid and hateful really it is. I was in a woman’s bathroom one time, and I was like, ‘Who would want to come in here anyway? It was like, I kind of want to go check out the men’s room. Sometimes, it’s even cleaner.’”

She added: “And that’s how that whole bit started. I’ve always just been grossed out by bathrooms.”

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Find Most Seniors Better Off

By Iron Will / May 25, 2023 /

Retirees are typically better off today than they were 40 years ago, Statistics Canada figures showed yesterday. The latest data follow research suggesting the current generation of retirees is the wealthiest in history.

“After-tax family incomes of retirees have generally increased,” said a StatsCan report A Cross-Cohort Comparison Of Economic Well-Being During Retirement Years. “Someone 60 years of age in 2008 would have had a different experience than someone 60 years of age in 1990,” it added.

Findings were based on tracking of incomes for retirement-age Canadians at intervals in the period from 1984 to 2008. “For example, women aged 65 to 67 in 1995 had a median income of $38,200,” wrote researchers. “By 2019 women 65 to 67 had a median income of $48,900. A similar pattern holds for men with the only difference being higher income levels.”

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Clare Nowland: 95 Year Old Grandmother Tasered by Police

By Lori Mills / May 23, 2023 /

An elderly Australian woman with dementia is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after being tasered by police at a care home. Officers were called to Yallambee Lodge in Cooma, New South Wales (NSW), after reports that 95-year-old Clare Nowland was carrying a knife. The early morning incident has sparked outcry, over what advocates say was a disproportionate response. The New South Wales police chief has said an investigation is underway. Ms Nowland was found “armed” with a steak knife at the care home – which is in the town of Cooma about 114km (71 miles) south of Canberra – in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Cotter told media on Friday.

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