Arbitrator orders reinstatement of unvaccinated London Health Sciences hospital worker, finds termination lacked just cause.

By Shawna / June 9, 2024 /

London, Ontario – Arbitrator Mark Wright has ruled in favor of Jill Thompson, a former Child and Youth Counsellor at the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), who was terminated for not complying with the hospital’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. The ruling, issued on May 30, 2024, found that while the hospital’s vaccination policy was reasonable, the termination of Thompson lacked just cause.

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Jailed pro-lifer: We accept abuse and suffering because aborted children suffer even worse

By Valerie / June 5, 2024 /

By our helplessness, our unjust arrest, unjust trials, and unjust imprisonment, we draw closer’ to unborn children, the most ‘marginalized’ people in America, said pro-life rescuer John Hinshaw.n the shadowlands of human history, even in the glare of the Middle Eastern sun, the fell spirits move always toward the throats of the most innocent. The master of these spirits demands more and more sacrificial victims. The men who serve these spirits, being cowards, choose those most easily overpowered. Thus it is that child sacrifice returns to us, even after an epoch of being driven underground.

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FBI whistleblower Marcus Allen wins settlement from Dept. of Justice, including back pay and security clearance

By Roli / June 5, 2024 /

The FBI reached a settlement with whistleblower Marcus Allen after he was suspended without pay and had his security clearance pulled after he made protected disclosures regarding the testimony of Director Christopher Wray concerning the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Nonprofit watchdog Empower Oversight announced the settlement Tuesday after it filed an appeal on behalf of Allen in October 2023. The settlement includes 27 months of back pay and benefits that the FBI withheld from Allen since he was suspended in February 2022. Separately, the FBI also restored his security clearance.

Allen, who resigned voluntarily from the FBI this week, said the bureau retaliated against him for his disclosure.

Nonprofit watchdog Empower Oversight announced the settlement Tuesday after it filed an appeal on behalf of Allen in October 2023.

The settlement includes 27 months of back pay and benefits that the FBI withheld from Allen since he was suspended in February 2022. Separately, the FBI also restored his security clearance.

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B.C. school board apologies for quiz asking students to argue for and against existence of Israel

By Valerie / June 4, 2024 /

The Burnaby School District issued an apology and announced that it is “taking immediate action” after finding out that a Grade 6 class was asked to debate whether or not Israel should exist.

The board was alerted over the weekend after a parent of one student emailed a picture of the exam question to the school district.

The social studies quiz asked students to argue for the state of Israel’s existence and give the opposing argument for why it should not exist.

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CMA president says some people wrongly claim vax injuries

By Shawna / June 4, 2024 /

Canadian Medical Association president-elect Dr. Joss Reimer has claimed people who reported injury from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines don’t really exist.

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Pro-Ceasefire MP Candidate Banned by U.K. Labour Party for “Liking” Jon Stewart Skit on Israel

By Roli / June 3, 2024 /

As voters in the United Kingdom prepare to head to the polls on July 4 for what is widely expected to be a Labour Party landslide, we speak with a prominent candidate who was dropped by the party as part of a purge of left-wing members. Faiza Shaheen was told by Labour leadership that she is no longer the party’s candidate in her London constituency after liking pro-Palestine posts on social media, including a tweet about the difficulties of speaking about Israel-Palestine, which also included a well-known video of comedian Jon Stewart making the same point. Shaheen, a Black economist identified with the left wing of the party, is the latest woman of color to face sanction by the Labour Party now led by centrist Keir Starmer. “Whereas before the Labour Party did have a broad church of voices, they have been systematically blocking and taking out anyone that they consider to be on the left,” says Shaheen, who adds that the party has also ignored the racist and Islamophobic abuse she has received, while protecting many white candidates accused of misconduct. “It’s not just about me or my community or how angry we are here. It’s about the kind of government we’re going to have for the next four or five years.”

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WHO director Tedros: ‘It’s time to be more aggressive in pushing back on anti-vaxxers’

By Shawna / June 3, 2024 /

The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, declared “it’s time to be more aggressive in pushing back on anti-vaxxers.”

During a talk titled “Celebrating 50 years of immunization progress,” Ghebreyesus said: “You know the serious challenge that’s posed by anti-vaxxers, and I think we need to strategize to really push back.”

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What Awaits Julian Assange After the May 20 Appeal Hearing?

By Iron Will / May 29, 2024 /

On May 20, British High Court judges Dame Victoria Sharp and Justice Jeremy Johnson ruled that Julian Assange could be granted an appeal against his extradition to the U.S. where he faces 175 years in a supermax prison charged with 17 counts under the 1917 Espionage Act and one for computer intrusion—essentially for revealing truthful information about war crimes, for practicing journalism.

Subsequent to the previous hearing of the High Court of Justice in February, the judges asked for assurances from the U.S. that if extradited, Julian wouldn’t risk the death penalty in the U.S., he wouldn’t be denied his First Amendment right to free speech, nor would he be subject to prejudice regarding that right because he is not a U.S. citizen. The U.S. provided what they considered assurances, and they were the basis of the May 20 hearing.

Julian’s lawyers accepted that the assurance against the death penalty would be upheld, but vehemently objected to the assurances—in name only— that Julian, the award-winning journalist and founder and publisher of WikiLeaks, could benefit from the right to free speech. The feeble non-assurance stated simply that in the U.S. Julian could “seek” protection under the First Amendment.

It is highly questionable that a federal court—which would ultimately try Julian in the U.S.—could be constrained to grant Julian First Amendment rights precisely because the U.S. Supreme Court has previously ruled that foreigners are not entitled to those protections. Even if the U.S. agrees to full assurances, they would be highly suspect: The U.S. has given assurances in the past that Amnesty International, among others, has maintained are not worth the paper they are written on.

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Anti-SemitismCrimeOpinion LEVY: Hundreds turn out to support Jewish school targeted by shooting

By Valerie / May 28, 2024 /

Hundreds of members of the Toronto Jewish community and a gaggle of politicians turned up in the pouring rain to send a strong signal of support to the religious day school targeted by gunmen early last Saturday morning.

Conspicuous in her absence outside Bais Chaya elementary school Monday morning — its front window boarded up from the gunfire — was the Liberal MP for the riding, Ya’ara Saks, who is said to live near the Sheppard and Dufferin area girls school.

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Assange: Extradition Suspended, Persecution Continues

By Iron Will / May 27, 2024 /

The British High Court granted Julian Assange the opportunity to appeal the extradition decision to the United States on May 20. Although it is a victory in the specific judicial process underway, it is necessary to remember that we are faced with a farce trial that has been going on for 5 years, based on the violation of every rule of due process.

The British High Court was used as an instrument of torture in the political persecution against a journalist who has already served five years in a high-security prison, in solitary confinement, in conditions that have deteriorated his health without any real reason, only because he, an Australian citizen, should answer to the US judicial system that wants to try him for espionage and sentence him to 175 years in prison.

The “crime” committed by this investigative journalist is having discovered and brought to light war crimes committed by the United States of America. His persecution is a warning that the United States and its allies issue to anyone who dares to violate their “rules” by bringing the truth to light. The British High Court continued its action even when evidence emerged of the CIA’s attempt to kidnap and murder Assange while he was a political refugee in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The British High Court could have, on May 20, put an end to all this, it could have freed Assange, it could have at least decided to move him from the high-security prison to a place of detention where he could have recovered his physical and psychological health. The Court, instead, only postponed his extradition to the USA, thus prolonging his persecution.

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