Calls China A Climate Helper

By Valerie / June 19, 2024 /

China is “helping” fight climate change by manufacturing solar panels, says Deputy Foreign Minister David Morrison. MPs expressed astonishment at his remarks, noting Chinese panels are made by slave labour and prohibited from being imported under Canadian trade law.

“China is, I believe by some measure, the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic solar panels,” Deputy Morrison testified at the Commons Special Committee on Canada-China Relations. “Now we have real issues with how and where they are produced but they are actually helping. Chinese production is helping countries around the world transition off dirty fuels.”

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Toronto International Film Festival segregates media accreditation by race, sexuality

By Shawna / June 14, 2024 /

TIFF will be running the Media Inclusion Initiative (MII) to mandate a minimum portion of the journalists covering it belong to minority groups.

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How a New Jersey man was wrongly arrested through facial recognition tech now in use in Ontario

By Roli / June 13, 2024 /

Peel, York police recently announced they were implementing Idemia’s facial recognition system.

A New Jersey man who was wrongly jailed after being misidentified through facial recognition software has a message for two Ontario police agencies now using the same technology.

“There’s clear evidence that it doesn’t work,” Nijeer Parks said.

Parks, now 36, spent 10 days behind bars for a January 2019 theft and assault on a police officer that he didn’t commit. He said he was released after he provided evidence he was in another city, making a money transfer at the time of the offence. Prosecutors dropped the case the following November, according to an internal police report.

“He doesn’t look anything like me,” Parks, who is Black, said of the man in the picture that police used to identify him. “I’m like … you’re basically telling me we all look alike.”

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Memos show an FBI security inquiry tried to unmask employee support for former President Trump

By Roli / June 13, 2024 /

FBI officials conducting a top-secret security clearance review for a longtime employee asked witnesses whether that employee was known to support former President Donald Trump, if he had expressed concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine or had attended a Second Amendment rally, according to internal memos that prompted a complaint to the Justice Department’s internal watchdog alleging political bias inside the bureau.

The employee’s security clearance was revoked months after the interviews, which confirmed his support for Trump and gun rights and his concerns about the Covid vaccine, according to the documents obtained by Just the News.

The memos show that agents for the FBI’s Security Division asked at least three witnesses in spring 2022 whether the employee, whose name and job title was redacted from the memos, had been known to “vocalize support for President Trump” or “vocalize objections to Covid-19 vaccination.” Agents ascertained from at least one witness that the worker, in fact, had declined to get the coronavirus inoculation.

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Mozambique Catholics brutally martyred by Muslims for professing the faith

By Valerie / June 11, 2024 /

Mozambique Catholics brutally martyred by Muslims for professing the faithatholic parishioners in Mozambique reported the stories of Catholic martyrs who were killed by Muslim extremists in recent years.

ACI Africa reports that Catholics of Chipene in Nampulam, a province in northern Mozambique, recently told a delegation of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique (CEM) how Catholics were murdered during the ongoing insurgency by militant Islamists in the region.

The parishioners, who remained anonymous for security reasons, recalled that on September 5, 2022, Islamic insurgents murdered a man named Francisco Massaya in Nacutho in front of a chapel. The next day, the Muslim extremists arrived in Chipene and murdered multiple people, vandalized a mission hospital and a church, and set multiple buildings and cars on fire.

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Unreportable incident consumes two days of Coutts trial proceedings

By Valerie / June 11, 2024 /

The matter was resolved by the conclusion of Monday’s proceedings, with the jury expected to return to the courtroom on Tuesday for a continuation of the Crown’s presentation of its witnesses and evidence.

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Australian officials murdered a child – 17 year old Dazelle Peters (lung transplant patient) was killed for being unvaccinated, joining Canada in a race to the bottom of humanity.

By Roli / June 11, 2024 /

Dazelle Peters, a 17-year-old Leukemia-sufferer who was reportedly denied a life-saving lung transplant after refusing to receive FIVE Covid vaccines, has died.

According to the Daily Mail, the Sydney hospital treating Dazelle said, her lack of a Covid vaccination was a factor in her not being put on the lung transplant waiting list.

A hospital spokesperson told the Daily Mail, their ‘policies and guidelines wouldn’t support transplantation’ of an unvaccinated person.

Australia joins Canada in a race to the bottom as 2 unvaccinated Canadians were murdered by local health officials in 2023 for being unvaccinated:

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Historic Toronto church containing Group of Seven artwork burns down

By Valerie / June 10, 2024 /

Police are investigating after a historic church in Toronto containing artwork by Canada’s famous Group of Seven was completely destroyed by a fire on Sunday.

St. Anne’s Anglican Church, in Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood was constructed between 1907 and 1908.

The church was designated as a national historic site in 1996 and was given heritage protection by the City of Toronto that same year.

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UBC DIE policy restricted Jobs

By Shawna / June 9, 2024 /

In accordance with UBC’s CRC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan [] and pursuant to Section 42 of the BC Human Rights Code, the selection will be restricted to members of the following federally designated groups: people with disabilities, Indigenous people, racialized people, women, and people from minoritized gender identity groups. Currently, UBC has a gap in representation for people with disabilities. Until such time as this is remedied, the names of those self-identifying as having a disability will be provided separately to the search committee in order for them to follow preferential hiring strategies. Applicants to CRC positions are asked to complete this equity survey [] as part of the application, and candidates from these groups must self-identify as belonging to one or more of the designated equity groups to be considered for the position. Candidates must also provide their names to be considered.

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How Israelis Live So Easily With Occupation

By Roli / June 9, 2024 /

Originally aired Nov 7, 2023

Gideon Levy, Haaretz (Israel News) Columnist explains:

We are the Chosen People and after the holocaust we have the right to do whatever we want. We are the victims.

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