National Identity

Top 5 countries Canadians hate With political tensions rising and an economy in decline, Canadians have formed strong opinions of several countries, many of them negative.

By Valerie / June 13, 2024 /

Often portrayed as America’s happy-go-lucky neighbours to the north, with political tensions rising and an economy in decline, Canadians have formed strong opinions of several countries, many of them negative.

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A devastating loss

By Sarah / June 13, 2024 /

Historic St. Anne’s church with Group of Seven religious murals destroyed

It has been 36 months since the false claim of a discovery of an unmarked clandestine mass grave in an apple orchard of a former Indian Residential School in Kamloops, BC, made international headlines. After the Kamloops story, many more copy-cat claims concerning unmarked graves at other former residential schools also garnered much attention by a careless and sensationalizing woke legacy media.

Even though the Kamloops claim was never substantiated, and has not been investigated by official authorities (the RCMP), the subsequent claims at other locations never-the-less picked up on the same false narrative that the former Priests, Nuns, and Oblates who ran the residential schools were guilty of torture, murder, and in an effort to hide the evidence, clandestine burial of indigenous children. The fact that the post-Kamloops unmarked graves claims all occurred in known former cemeteries where grave markings had been lost to time, and in many cases locals had come forward with information regarding the variety of former Canadians (many of whom were not indigenous) known to be the occupants of these newly discovered unmarked graves, did not deter the salacious anti-Anglo/anti-Christian narrative from gaining steam.

The result has been the vandalism, desecration, and destruction of over 100 Canadian churches. In the 36 months since the Kamloops story, just under 3 churches per month have been subject to acts of arson and vandalism. Over 30 churches have burned down completely. ‘The most recent, St Anne’s Anglican Church in Toronto, had irreplaceable murals of the life of Jesus Christ painted on the chancel and the church’s Byzantine domed ceiling by Group of Seven artists. Lost forever.

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ImmigrationPodcastsVideos The Faulkner Show | Immigration agent tells Canadian kids to just “invest in Bitcoin”

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

On this episode of The Faulkner Show, Harrison Faulkner speaks with Brampton-based immigration consultant Kanwar Sierah at an international student protest in Brampton.

When asked what his response is to Canadians who feel like international students are taking jobs away from young Canadians, Sierah replied that Canadian kids should start businesses and invest in Bitcoin.

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Canadians now believe legal immigration is a net negative 44% of Canadians say immigration has a mostly negative effect on the country (up 6 points from last year), while 42% say immigration is mostly positive, and 14% remain undecided.

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

Signifying rapidly shifting trends, 46% of Canadians (up 7 points from October last year) now say that the number of legal immigrants allowed to come into Canada needs to decrease. Only 31% (down 6 points from last year) say that current immigration levels are fine, and just 15% (down 2 points) want to see an increase in immigration).

Additionally, 44% of Canadians say immigration has a mostly negative effect on the country (up 6 points), while 42% say immigration is mostly positive, and 14% remain undecided.

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Alberta Man Who Helped ‘Underground Railroad’ in China After Tiananmen Massacre Recalls Horror, Looks Ahead With Hope

By Shawna / June 12, 2024 /

It was Sept. 15, 1989, just months after police opened fire on pro-democracy protesters in what the world now knows as the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre. Joseph Shi was huddled in a Cold War-era bunker in Kunming, China, along with other young people, devising a plan to smuggle student leaders out of the country through an “underground railroad.”

One night, however, police burst into the bunker and seized them as they slept. But Mr. Shi says he was strangely calm. “After the courageous things we had seen in the previous months, I wasn’t really fearing anything,” Mr. Shi, now living in Alberta, told The Epoch Times.

The Chinese regime is even more repressive now, he said, but he has hope that today’s youth will resist and that the spirit which drove the students in 1989 remains alive.

“I still see people from every generation speaking out, even though they face harsher consequences now than back then. So I haven’t lost hope. I think China is going to wake up,” Mr. Shi said.

Despite decades of propaganda from the Chinese communist regime brainwashing the Chinese people, “someday [the lies] will be proven to be all false and people will realize they have been cheated, victimized, and treated like slaves,” he said.

“When they wake up from those things, I believe China will still be a better place.”

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Tent City clean-up – Edmonton

By Shawna / June 12, 2024 /

Edmonton decided to clean up their tent city issue.
They packed them all up and dropped them in small towns in rural Alberta.

I know this because they did it to our town. We had one small tent city. Then a bus from Edmonton showed up and now we have 6 tent cities.

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How an Israeli colonel invented the 7 October burned babies lie

By Roli / June 11, 2024 /

According to survivor Yasmin Porat, there were zero babies in the house and she and Hagas Dagan, the other survivor tell the same story – that the others in the house were killed by Israeli tank shelling.

Although the Israeli military Col. Gola Vach originally admitted that it was their own tanks that attacked these home in Kibbutz Be’eri, the story suddenly changed while giving tours to the media.

Brig. Gen Barak Hiram also changed his story to avoid responsibility for killing fellow Israelis but did eventually tell the truth – that he ordered the tanks to shell the homes even at the expense of civilian lives.

The media however continued to repeat the burned and beheaded babies story instead of the truth told by those that were there and who all told the same account of what happened.

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“Reconciliation Education”- Part 8

By Iron Will / June 11, 2024 /

Lies about the past, lies about the present

This will be my last instalment of this series. I have attempted to shed light on the poor quality of information students are receiving in Ontario schools with regard to Indigenous history and current issues. It is important to note that this is being done intentionally. It is to the advantage of the leaders of the Indigenous Grievance Industry to characterise Canada and the pre-Canadian colonies of this land as genocidal oppressors, and our politicians have exploited this situation for crass political gain. This was perhaps epitomised by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s photo op of himself holding a teddy bear in the proximity of a soil disturbance in a field at the site of a former residential school in Cowessess First Nation, Saskatchewan on Tuesday, July 6, 2021:

Are there actually human remains there? If so, of whom? Is this evidence of any kind of foul play? These are questions he was not about to bother to ask. Why would he, when such a golden opportunity to score political points presented itself?

We now know all this murdered Indigenous children stuff was a big hoax but don’t hold your breath waiting for Trudeau to issue an apology for staining the international reputation of Canada and triggering a knee-jerk vote by our Parliament declaring Canada a genocidal state and adopting the The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (more on that below). Undoing all this damage will be a herculean task.

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Toronto Church Burning Highlights Trudeau’s Religious Community Preferences

By Iron Will / June 11, 2024 /

“Priceless’ Artwork, Cherished Toronto Community Space Lost In Fire”

“Early paintings by three Group of Seven members and other prominent Canadian artists were installed along the interior in the 1920s.”

“In 1923, the church commissioned founding Group of Seven member J.E.H. MacDonald to oversee designs depicting the life of Christ on the building’s interior.”

No wonder PM Justin Trudeau has thus far remained quiet as a church mouse.

“100 Christian churches in Canada have been vandalized, burned down or desecrated since the announcement of the apparent discovery of graves found near a residential school in Kamloops, BC.”

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One Third To Be Foreign Born

By Valerie / June 10, 2024 /

A third of Canadians will be foreign-born by 2041 based on current immigration trends, says a Statistics Canada briefing note. Canadian-born residents would become a minority in Toronto, it said.

“The non-permanent resident population living in Canada was estimated at 2,511,437 people, more than the total Indigenous population of Canada,” said the February 7 Notes For Chief Statistician. “The increase in the number of non-permanent residents was mainly due to an increase in the number of work and study permit holders.”

The figure included 471,550 landed immigrants, another 766,520 temporary foreign workers and more than a million foreign students, according to Department of Immigration data.

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