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India’s Rotavirus Vaccine Increases Risk of Serious Bowel Condition in Infants — Are U.S. Vaccines Any Safer?

By Roli / June 13, 2024 /

Rotavac, the rotavirus vaccine used in India, increases the risk of intussusception in infants, according to a peer-reviewed study published Tuesday in the International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine.

Intussusception is a serious condition that occurs when the intestine slides or telescopes into itself, obstructing the bowel and potentially leading to gangrene or death if left untreated.

The study, co-authored by Dr. Jacob Puliyel of the Indian Institute of Health Management Research and Children’s Health Defense Chief Scientific Officer Brian Hooker, Ph.D., calls into question the safety of the vaccine and the statistical methods used in previous analyses of the product.

Puliyel told The Defender that although the rotavirus vaccines used in the U.S. — Merck’s RotaTeq and GSK’s Rotarix — are safer than the Rotavac brand used in India, a review of information sheets for the U.S. vaccines indicates concerns are still warranted.

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Eat Your Yogurt: Researchers

By Valerie / June 13, 2024 /

The Department of Health is rewriting regulations to permit vitamin D supplements in yogurt similar to fortified milk. Federal data confirm as many as seven percent of Canadians have a vitamin D deficiency due to long, dark winters.

“Vitamin D is important for bone health yet many people are not getting enough,” the department wrote in a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement. It issued a legal notice under the Food And Drugs Act permitting vitamin D supplements in yogurt and kefir, a type of fermented milk.

Yogurt sales alone are worth $2.9 billion a year, by official estimate. “This regulation will not result in any price effect on the supplies of yogurt and kefir in Canada due to the competitive nature of the food market,” said the notice.

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The Link Between Nutrition and Native Immunity

By Sarah / June 13, 2024 /

Native peoples suffered from infectious diseases after contact with European colonists, but it wasn’t because they had no immunity against the diseases brought over. Nutritional decline and environmental disruptions are what led to increased disease susceptibility in Native populations
Diseases such as smallpox and measles only became prevalent after traditional diets and lifestyles were disrupted
Early European explorers did not report diseases among Native Americans until the mid-18th century, after the introduction of sugar, white flour, coffee, tea and alcohol had weakened Native American health
Modern children are at risk due to nutrient-deficient diets and vaccination practices weakening the immune system

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WATCH: Biological male seeks uterus transplant just to have abortion

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

A clip showing a biological male who identifies as female talking about how he longs to have an abortion has resurfaced on social media.

The unidentified trans person on TikTok said he wants to have a uterus transplanted into his body from a healthy and willing biological female who identifies as male.

He promised to take good care of his acquired anatomy should the hypothetical surgery be successful, starting with being the first man to ever have an abortion.

In a clip first presented on the Megyn Kelly show in July 2023 (approximately 55 minutes into the video

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Potentially Fatal Meningococcal Infections on the Rise in Toronto A rise in cases was also reported earlier this year in Kingston, Ont., Manitoba, and Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

Two people have died of invasive meningococcal disease in Toronto as the number of cases rise to 13 so far this year, the highest tally seen annually since 2002, the city’s health unit says.

Toronto Public Health is describing invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) as a “potentially life-threatening bacterial infection that can progress suddenly” and issued a June 7 advisory urging city residents to stay up-to-date on recommended vaccines.

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ANALYSIS: The Flaws Flagged by Canada’s Cannabis Legalization Review

By Valerie / June 12, 2024 /

In October 2018, Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis, and a federal review of how it’s gone so far shows what other countries may encounter if they do the same.

The push for legalization of other substances, such as psychedelics, has also begun in Canada—the pros and cons of which are likely to be viewed in light of our experience with cannabis, says addictions expert Michael DeVillaer.

“We failed to heed the lessons from alcohol [and] tobacco. … There is a very real danger that we will also fail to learn the lessons from cannabis,” Mr. DeVillaer, a health sciences professor at McMaster University, told The Epoch Times.

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Protein Guidance: How to Get Enough for Optimal Health

By Iron Will / June 12, 2024 /

Dietary protein is crucial for building and repairing body tissues, influencing everything from muscle growth to the function of enzymes and hormones
Nine essential amino acids must be obtained from the diet as your body cannot synthesize them
Animal proteins provide not only essential amino acids but also nutrients that are essential for health, such as vitamin B12, retinol and taurine, which support brain, heart, and muscle function
Adults generally need about 1 gram of protein per pound of their ideal body weight daily to support optimal muscle protein synthesis
Collagen, which makes up about 30% of your body’s protein, is essential for maintaining the strength and flexibility of tissues like skin, bones and joints, so approximately one-third of your daily protein intake should be in the form of collagen

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Confirmation of fears

By Roli / June 12, 2024 /

Important statement from Dr. Joseph Fraiman, physician and clinical scientist. Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults

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HORMONAL HAVOC: The Covid Fallout and How to Fix It

By Roli / June 12, 2024 /

E-Guide on Returning to Wellness
Key Summary Points, Protocols, Action Steps

Have you or your family or friends not felt well since the beginning of the COVID
pandemic? Have you experienced or heard about the hormonal abnormalities,
bleeding and fertility issues, pregnancy losses along with new onset and ongoing
brain fog, cognitive and neurological, heart issues, myocarditis and strokes, mood
and mental health crisis, autoimmune and gut symptoms?

Are you a parent or grandparent or teacher wanting to understand what is going
on with our children’s health? Why all the learning and mood disorders and gender
confusion? Are you a healthcare practitioner, nurse, physician or health coach who
dutifully followed the directives we were given for the past 4 years surrounding the
safety and efficacy of many different measures including the lockdowns and
mandates, yet something in your training or experience has you feeling cognitive
dissonance when recognizing contradictory and missing information?

We are here to try and answer these questions and many more. The following is a
summary of key points from the over 100 clinicians and frontline activists I spoke
with, including the 60 I have interviewed. Along with protocols for healing
hormonal and other health issues from a whole systems standpoint. We include
many resources and links for further exploration of the various topics in this
complex interwoven web.

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‘FULL REFUND’: Major recalls on snacks sold at Canadian Tire, drink mixes at Walmart, bars at Costco, Home Depot and bassinets at Toys R Us, Wayfair trigger Health Canada warning to shoppers

By Sarah / June 12, 2024 /

There are some more big recalls hitting stores that are well-visited by shoppers across Canada.

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) are warning shoppers through multiple recall alerts on some popular products, due to several identified health and safety concerns.

Canadian Tire has confirmed through its website it sold some of the Frito Lay snacks that are part of a national recall due to salmonella concerns.

Frito Lay Canada is voluntarily recalling SunChips Harvest Cheddar Flavoured Whole Grain Snacks and Munchies Original Snack Mix.

The CFIA says the recall is “national” and impacts the “general public.”

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