Gender, White Racism, CRT


By Iron Will / September 16, 2023 /

Not yield or be swayed by the threats of activist organizations, and to stand with Saskatchewan parents as the primary educators and caregivers of their children.

Invoke Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the notwithstanding clause, to fully uphold and enforce the Government of Saskatchewan’s newly announced pro-parental rights policies listed above.

Fully enforce the above pro-parental rights policies in all publicly funded Saskatchewan schools, with all employees and organizations under the Ministry of Education required to adhere to the new policies.

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Va. governor pardons dad who protested school board over daughter’s sexual assault

By Roli / September 16, 2023 /

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has pardoned Scott Smith, the father who was convicted for protesting the Loudoun County School Board after his daughter was sexually assaulted at school by a boy wearing a skirt in the girl’s bathroom.

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US: Video of Trans-Identified Male Competing Against Woman In Jiu-Jitsu Match Sparks Controversy

By Valerie / September 15, 2023 /

A female athlete was reportedly not told she would be competing against a male during a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in California last week, prompting a policy revision from the North American Grappling Association (NAGA).

On September 12, Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete Taelor Moore posted a clip to her Instagram account with the caption, “I weighed in at 135 … and she was over 200!” In the video, a much larger male with braided hair steps up to the mat and engages in combat with her.
Comments on Moore’s post were overwhelmingly supportive, praising her for holding her own against a male twice her size.

“Far from a she, that’s a grown-ass man using his size and weight against you. Congratulations on the win but you ladies need to stand together and not compete against men with makeup. You ladies are the key, this is not okay,” said one concerned commenter.

“Shout out to all the REAL women competitors out there. That other dude should be ashamed of himself,” replied another.

Some responses congratulated Moore for managing to defeat her much larger opponent despite his significant physical advantage. “That guy should not be [allowed] to compete but she is amazing for whooping him,” read one reply.

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You won’t believe who Trudeau is TARGETING now with 100.1 Million

By Iron Will / September 15, 2023 /

The Justin Trudeau government in Canada has awarded $1.1 million to a “”purge fund”” that will target anyone who is critical of LGBTQ indoctrination. Purge? How will they be purged exactly? For wrongthink? Journalist David Krayden helped uncover this story and he joins us from Canada.

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Canadian Premier To Turn LGBT Parental Consent Into Law

By Iron Will / September 15, 2023 /

“Remember, we’re talking about a child. We’re not talking about small versions of adults. We’re talking about children.”– Education Minister Dustin Duncan.
A week before kids return to school in the province of Saskatchewan, Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced upcoming changes targeting LGBT indoctrination in the public school system:

“Parents will have to be notified when sexual health education is happening and what will be included, and parents will have the ability to take their kids out of the class if they wish.”

“No third parties will be allowed to be brought in for sexual health education presentations, excepting from the ministry or Saskatchewan Health Authority. School divisions also will have to pause working with third parties on sex education programming.”

“Parents will have to consent before a requested name and pronoun change from a student will be honoured in the school.”

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By Iron Will / September 15, 2023 /

Trustee Monique LaGrange, a courageous trustee with Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS) is being punished for her Instagram post of August 30th.

In the post, she drew a comparison between the brainwashing tactics of the Nazi propaganda apparatus, and that of the LGBT ideology machine which currently dominates the minds and souls of school children.

I personally believe her comparison was accurate. Check out her post below.

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Saskatchewan Premier Contemplates Using Notwithstanding Clause in Gender Pronoun Policy Legal Challenge

By Shawna / September 15, 2023 /

If Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe used the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause to override a court challenge concerning a policy regarding gender pronouns in schools, its invocation would not be unprecedented, says a constitutional lawyer.

“In Saskatchewan, uniquely enough, this actually wouldn’t be unprecedented,” said Marty Moore, litigation director with Charter Advocates Canada.

He pointed to a Saskatchewan case involving two school divisions, where the Court of Queen’s Bench ruled in 2017 that it was unconstitutional to fund non-Catholic students to attend a catholic school.

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St. Alphonsus Ligouri: A Saint For The 21s Century

By Iron Will / September 14, 2023 /

St. Alphonsus Ligouri is one of the most renowned spiritual writers in the history of the Catholic Church — and the heroic saint needed in today’s spiritual fight for holiness. Between the LGBT agenda, transgenderism and the disordered lies of the political left-wing, it’s important now more than ever for faithful Catholics and conservatives of all backgrounds to return to the ancient heroes of past who have paved the way to God, holiness, and peace. The timeless writings of St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church, are coming to full light in the brand-new book, ‘St. Alphonsus for the 21st Century: A Handbook for Holiness.’

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Psychologist Michelle Bataluk spoke in favor of protecting children against gender ideology and gender-affirming care at the Conservative Convention. She stated, ‘Our brains don’t fully develop until around our mid-twenties, so for kids to make these life

By Iron Will / September 14, 2023 /

Psychologist Michelle Bataluk spoke in favor of protecting children against gender ideology and gender-affirming care at the Conservative Convention. She stated, ‘Our brains don’t fully develop until around our mid-twenties, so for kids to make these life altering decisions that will impact the rest of their life is fundamentally wrong.’

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German daycare centers are promoting ‘sexual exploration rooms’ for children

By Shawna / September 14, 2023 /

According to a report by the German newspaper Die Welt, two daycares in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) provide “protected spaces” into which children can withdraw “to discover and satisfy themselves physically.” The written sexual education concept of a daycare center in Kerpen states that it offers children “free space to try out their childlike sexuality.” It furthermore says that “masturbation is something normal” and that “allowing masturbation” in daycare centers is “of great importance.”

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