Court Orders Protesters to Take Down U of T Encampment

By Iron Will / July 2, 2024 /

An Ontario judge has ordered pro-Palestinian protesters to dismantle their encampment on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus by 6 p.m. July 3.

A decision issued on July 2 afternoon says the encampment has taken away the university’s ability to control what happens on the area known as King’s College Circle.

The judge says the harm to the university if the encampment is allowed to remain would be greater than the harm to the protesters if it is taken down, noting protesters will still be allowed to demonstrate in other ways.

The university applied for an injunction late last month after the protesters ignored a trespass notice and deadline to leave.

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Immigration Department Implements New Rules Targeting ‘Unethical Behaviour’ by Schools in Foreign Student Programs

By Iron Will / July 2, 2024 /

The federal immigration department is implementing new regulations that would allow it to address what it calls “unethical behaviour” among universities and colleges that abuse Canada’s foreign student program.
“Amendments would allow the department to effectively respond to integrity challenges and address common occurrences of unethical behaviour that undermines the integrity of the program,” the department wrote in a June 29 “Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement,” which was first covered by Blacklock’s Reporter.

In February, Immigration Minister Marc Miller accused some colleges of suspicious practices in accepting large numbers of foreign students, including a portion who promptly claimed refugee protection in Canada. “Ontario over the last three years in their education system has had over 10,000 asylum claims,” he told reporters on Feb. 27. “That isn’t the sign of a healthy system.”

The new regulations would require colleges and universities to notify the immigration department of all foreign students enrolled, whether they are pursuing a course at the institution or transferring to another school. Federal inspectors would be given new powers to ensure the schools made “all reasonable efforts to comply” with the new regulations and verify if school managers were “acting in good faith” in instances of non-compliance.

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The Professional Regulation of Anti-Woke Satire

By Iron Will / June 29, 2024 /

Regulators seek the most extreme penalty, signaling that left wing social re-engineering is no laughing matter!

“The citizens of Canada need to know that we are being subjected to a soft revolution, and it’s being done through DEI bureaucracy.” – Cheryl Gould (canceled teacher)

In 2021, Ontario teacher, Cheryl Gould, was fired from her teaching position with the Toronto Catholic District School board after 18 years of impeccable service. The reason for the termination was becuase Cheryl had the audacity to give her opinions at a union meeting, designed for that purpose, in which she was assured was a “safe space.”

It turns out the space was actually not so safe for people with dissenting views. This is the part of the story where my blood starts to boil. Also, it’s the part that makes me feel somewhat negligent and ashamed. I’ve known about Cheryl’s story since 2021, and unlike other Canadian teachers, like Chanel Pfahl and Jim McMurtry, I have yet to write about it. That changes today. Cheryl is stuck with me now. I am on this story becuase it is just as disgusting and outrageous (and un-Canadian) as Jim’s and Chanel’s – and there are many others too, Carolyn Burjoski and Trustee Linda Stone come to mind.

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Tell Senate: Keep Spank Law

By Valerie / June 28, 2024 /

Lawyers and schoolteachers are petitioning Parliament to reject private bills to ban spanking in correcting children’s behaviour. Two separate bills in the Commons and Senate would repeal a corporal punishment provision of the Criminal Code dating from 1892.

“It is impossible to imagine how a parent could successfully foster their child’s development without ever applying reasonable and minimal force to persuade, constrain or protect the child,” the Québec Defence Lawyers Association wrote the Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee.

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The Power of Love: How a Toronto Gang Leader Left His Life of Crime Behind

By Shawna / June 27, 2024 /

The 28-year-old Toronto native had risen through the ranks to become the leader of a large street gang, and went on to work with various organized crime groups in several countries. But despite attaining power, money, and respect on the streets, Mr. Wilson wasn’t happy.

“I had for my entire life longed for a stable, loving family, and belonging,” he told The Epoch Times in an exclusive interview. “I had finally found something that I cared about more than money, reputation, and power. And that was a woman and her two small children.”

Fearful that his often dangerous lifestyle and violent past would affect his new family, he slowly backed out of illegal activity and stepped into the role of family man.

It was this work that led him to form his own organization known as the One by One Movement. The other members of his organization are also “formers” who, like him, have left lives of violence behind and can relate to the people they work with.

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Canadian University Launches Anti-Family Summer Camp on Remote Island, Offers ‘Drag’ Classes for Kids

By Iron Will / June 27, 2024 /

A top Canadian university has launched a new anti-family summer camp for kids that will be hosted by two drag queens on a parent-free remote island.

The gender ideology-charged “camp” for “queer, trans” and “two-Spirit” minors is being organized by the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Children as young as 14 will be “guided” by “two drag parents” during their stay on the isolated island which is only accessible by boat, the UBC announced in a news release dated June 24.

The two men dressed in “women’s” clothing will teach the kids “drag” and “gender identity” classes.

“UBC CampOUT!” is described in the press release as a “leadership and learning summer camp for queer, trans, two-Spirit, questioning, and allied youth from across BC & the Yukon.”

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CBC’s cartoon tells kids how doctors could ‘misgender’ a baby

By Shawna / June 27, 2024 /

A video on the CBC Kids YouTube channel urges kids to look beyond a doctor’s assignment of gender at birth and focus on “what they feel like on the inside.”

The animated video opens with a doctor presenting a girl and boy baby to new parents. A little girl named Ruby interrupts the doctor and says, “woah, let’s hit the breaks people.”

“The way your body looks on the outside is only part of the story,” she says, going on to explain how “sex” and “gender” are different because gender is “how you feel” and doesn’t always match the person’s sex.

“The body parts you were born with don’t always dictate who you are, how you feel or what you like to play with.”

The video has been live on the taxpayer-funded channel for five years now.

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Sought Muslim School Prayer

By Valerie / June 26, 2024 /

The Canadian Human Rights Commission yesterday did not comment on Chief Commissioner Birju Dattani’s past advocacy for Muslim prayer in schools. Dattani as a Muslim Students’ Association activist endorsed Qur’an readings at the University of Calgary campus and a local high school.

Cabinet on June 11 appointed Dattani as $394,000-a year Chief Commissioner. He was earlier president of the Muslim Students Association at the University of Calgary.

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New Human Rights Commissioner sought Qur’an reading in Calgary schools

By Valerie / June 26, 2024 /

The newly-appointed Canadian Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner Birju Dattani is a past advocate of Qur’an readings at the University of Calgary campus and a local high school.

Dattani is former president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at the university, per Blacklock’s Reporter. He was appointed chief commissioner by the Trudeau Liberals June 11 to the tune of $394,000-a year.

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Hindu leader pushes for Indian Scriptures in public classrooms Hindu leader says Indian scriptures in every classroom would be “inclusive.”

By Valerie / June 26, 2024 /

A leader in the Hindu community is pushing for Sanskrit scriptures to be displayed in public school classrooms across Louisiana.

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